July 2022

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The Inspire Camp Out 2022

Fernhill Farm, Bristol, BS40 6LD

22 Jul - 26 Jul 2022


The Inspire Camp Out is an intimate gathering happening on 22nd July for four days and nights at one of Somerset's best loved family run farms.

The Inspire Camp Out 2022

A co-creation allows every attending to be more included in the event. The divide between the audience and the performers does not exist allowing anyone to stand up, tell story, sing a song or create a space for others to enjoy.

Inspire Campout is where children, parents and grandparents can come together to share, learn, create and connect.

We already have some amazing musicians, DJ's, morning yoga, family bushcraft, toddler space, singing circles and exciting outdoor crafts lined up so please join us and co create the magic so needed in the world. 

Inspire Camp out is a co-creation which means we are open to people offering workshops, talks and live performance. We believe that everyone has a gift and the more we share our gifts with one another the better. 

Inspire Camp Out is also pleased to announce that it is in partnership with Pete Lawrence, the Co-founder of the famous Big Chill Music festival. Pete has been working on some amazing DIY community led events over the past few years and will be offering a warm indoor space for adults to talk, sing, dance and connect. 

Inspire Camp Out is all about working and creating together.

What would you like to offer at Inspire Camp Out 2022? 

Our amazing farm venue has a communal kitchen, a large barn area for evening entertainment, indoor toilets, electricity and showers, This farm is situated only 35 - 45 minutes drive from Bristol, Bath, Frome and Glastonbury.

TICKETS- https://dandelion.earth/events/6213defd72b916000c8dd062

FACEBOOK - https://fb.me/e/lB1f0AeCS

If you don't want to set up a tent or you want to treat yourself glamping and other indoor accommodation is also available on a first come first served basis. 

There are only 300 tickets available so tell your friends and family and join us on the 22nd for what promises to be a nourishing nature community experience. 


The Inspire Camp Out 2022
Fernhill Farm
BS40 6LD

W: dandelion.earth/events/6213defd72b916000c8dd062

Facebook: @https://fb.me/e/lB1f0AeCS


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