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Countisbury Walk

Countisbury, Lynton, EX35 6NE


Sky, sea and land meet on this 3.5-mile circular walk. Along the way you’ll pass through Barton Woods, bursting with bluebells in the spring and multicoloured fallen leaves in the autumn. Although it is one of our more challenging walks in our ‘Little Book of Walks’ – taking in steep climbs as well woodland and open fields.

Photo: Julia Amies-Green

Countisbury Walk
Look at Julia’s photographs, and you’ll get the sense ‐ and perhaps the smell ‐ of Countisbury. Sky, sea and land meet on this section of the South West Coast Path. There are vistas out to Wales across the Bristol Channel, as well as to the Brendon Hills, the East Lyn Valley and Wind Hill Fort.

The Walk 2 miles 1 Hour Directions: 16 miles from Minehead on A39. Look for the Barna Barrow NT car park just before the cattle grid before entering Countisbury. Sat Nav: EX35 6NE

Leave the Barna Barrow NT car park heading towards the sea. Take the left fork and follow the wall around to the church. When you reach the church, walk around the back of the building and follow the coast path.

Head towards Lynmouth. You will pass a signpost on a fork in the path, go straight ahead taking the permitted path signposted to County Road, leaving the South West Coast Path (SWCP), the right fork, at this point. Continue along the permitted path and pass through an open gate. You will see the road and need to stay on the right side of the stone wall to gain access to the road. At the road, cross over (taking care of fast traffic on this bend) and pass through a gate on the opposite side of the road, signposted to Wind Hill. On the stone wall there is a sign saying ‘The Beacon’.

Walk up the gentle incline of Wind Hill to the top. When you’re almost at the top, you’ll pass through a large gateway and very shortly after (a matter of feet away!) in a cutting, is a right turn, signposted to Lynmouth.

Take this right turn and you will find yourself on the footpath that is pictured on the front cover of our Little Book of Walks. The far‐reaching coastal views from here are spectacular, taking in Lynton and Lynmouth one way and Countisbury the other. This footpath runs above but parallel to the road down into Lynmouth. Pass through the small gate and continue down until you reach the road. On the opposite side of the road is the SWCP. Cross over, again taking care of fast‐moving traffic and join the SWCP turning right and start the gentle climb back up along the cliff path back towards Countisbury. From here retrace your steps back to the Barna Barrow car park.

If at this point you would like a longer walk, you could continue onto Foreland Point Lighthouse and follow the footpath round and back to the church/car park.

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Countisbury Walk
EX35 6NE

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