December 2023

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The Shaggy Dog Tale

13 central walk, BS23 1FF

15 Dec - 30 Dec 2023


After the success of Me, Monster? as our debut, self made show last year, Front Room is thrilled to present our in house Christmas comedy for 2023.

The Shaggy Dog Tale
We invite you to come down to The Shaggy Dog Tale, a tavern in which stories swill and gossip grows. Based on local myth and legend surrounding stories of piracy, smuggling and of communities sticking two fingers up at the powers that be, The Shaggy Dog Tale weaves live music and storytelling to create a fun filled evening for one and all. We have poured through local tales of yore and sifted the finest titbits of story and adventure to make a show that celebrates the communal power of storytelling. From convincing outsiders that your town is mad in order to avoid an influx of scrutiny, to wading out into the mud to snatch a cupful of brandy from a stranded barrel out in the channel, Weston and the surrounding areas are full of tales that no doubt have morphed and changed over time. Did you know, there’s the woman from Uphill who sank a fleet Viking ships and the Watchett resident who broke the arm of the pirate king with a spade? The Shaggy Dog Tale celebrates all of that and more and looks at how local communities rallied in the face of pressure being passed on from a distant power base in London. At a time of community celebration, Front Room invites you to join us for a Christmassy evening in the company of local performers and musicians as they regale you with a shaggy dog tale that places the audience at the heart of the action. It

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The Shaggy Dog Tale
13 central walk
North Somerset
BS23 1FF

T: 07929573224



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