What is Visit Somerset's target market?

27 Oct 2021

What is Visit Somerset's target market?
Current stats now shaping our marketing communications strategy. 

Customers/Visitor Profile:

Generation X – 45 to 65 We term this market the ‘Empty Nester’ market. Social media analytics as per the audit in appendices is stating that our largest fan base is Female (75%) and supported by two age groups 35 -44 and 45 -54 – with the largest geographical set coming from London. 47,526 Millennial Age between 25 and 45 - Google Analytics also shows that web traffic from 18 -24 years old’s (from 2.81% in 2019 to 8.27% in 2020), and in 25–34-year-olds (to 20.7% and biggest segment in 2020.  In terms of forward strategy Visit Somerset will be working on targeting and influencing the Millennial market which is showing clear signs of growth in its digital platforms and overall economic influence globally.    

By 2025 50% of travellers will be Millennials    
Millennials spent $200 billion on travel in 2018, 33% plan a spending budget of $5000+ on their vacations.  
66% of millennials book their trip using a smartphone. 74% use it to research.  
69% take more trips over weekends, compared to different generations at       
13% Millennials took 5.6 trips per year, compared with 4.4 (Gen-Z), 4.0 (Gen x)
and 3.5 (Boomers)           


Visit Somerset's particular user analytics shows real growth in the Millennial market against declines in others - this is a really important point as Visit Somerset looks at market analysis  to increase digital optimisation for members.

Screenshot-2021-10-27-at-08-00-49.pngMore specific analytics show what interests the Millennial market are interested in - further supporting how Visit Somerset should shape its market communications and what our members should be supporting when creating product.

  Overview of example persona and customer journey, reflecting key stages.  
  1. ‘Who should Visit Somerset be targeting’?  
Following persona should be used – Millennial female – between 25 – 40   years of age cross between - Aspirational Family Fun and Free and easy Mini breaker.  Let’s call her Gemma aged 34.
Life Goals – Outward looking,      
Persona Description. (Profile)
  • Having Graduated from University, this market is possibly in relationships, but still very mobile and free thinking, with air of financial independence.
  • The persona loves cooking, interested in healthy food and localism, by supporting local. Love trying new food and drinks and love new foodie experiences.
  • They are active and sporty with an adventurous side, outdoor pursuits and nature are very much of interest.  The Millennial persona is very computer literate and love social networking platforms, especially Instagram and Tick tok.   
  • Environmentally conscious, looking to take up opportunities with environmentally conscious businesses. 
  • Digital Outlook
  • Devices – Mobile/Tablet/Laptop
  • Time Spent online weekly 20 Hrs
  • Frequently Visited sites: Booho, Amazon, Netflix
  • Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter
  • Preferred method of contact: Email, Social Networks, Direct messaging 
White Colour Worker - Gemma is a Deputy Head of a Primary school
Average Salary - £30K +
Location London and Southeast
Transport Public / Private not necessarily owning a car.   
Consideration of demographics, psychographics, goal, motivations as well as web graphics and online behaviour in the average customer is now fully adapted to searching and booking digitally. Customers expect when businesses are attempting to attract, to have easy, clear, and quick buying processes, cross multiple devices. Customers are used to a high level of personalisation with their experiences on platforms, hoping to see recommendations and customisation on a digital platform if they make a repeat visit. Customers have become used to re-targeting, and are no longer surprised to be ‘pursued’ across the net by websites/products, they have researched or visited already.  Price (2016) 

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