Visit Somerset welcomes you to the world of Bath Theatrical and the Bath Theatrical Masketeers.

21 Sep 2020

Visit Somerset welcomes you to the world of Bath Theatrical and the Bath Theatrical Masketeers.
We have dressed thousands of stage shows, actors, models, book day teachers, wedding parties and themed party goers.  From the ladies seen promenading at the Jane Austen Festival, to the vintage rally drivers of Goodwood, to spectators of Ascot and presenters on BBC.  The father dressed as a pirate for his kids party, to the couple dressed as pirates for their wedding on the SS Great Britain to the group going as pirates to the new year party … (did we mention we do pirates?).  Quality, authenticity, and personal service are the driving forces behind this fun, creative and versatile business.
There is no fantasy we cannot create with costume!

49fc5b03-4923-4fa1-a80c-33cf9c1af151-copy.jpgThere is no need to explain the hardships we have all endured during this pandemic.  To ensure our survival, we decided to make the most of our 51 years of experience.  How do we take the personal and high standard of service for which we are renowned, our ethos of ‘quality in everything we do, and the way we do it’ and use it for servicing a community which is no longer celebrating life in the way we are used to? 
And so was created Bath Theatrical Masketeers.   Recruiting a team of enthusiastic volunteers, directed by our dedicated team of seamstresses, we started making masks!  A pattern was developed in conjunction with front line workers that could be comfortably worn for extended periods of time, but which would give them an additional layer of safety and security.   To date, over 7,000 masks have been distributed to an array of care homes, care providers, schools, front line workers and now ten food banks across the South West.  Whilst the charitable work of the Masketeers continues, we have introduced a commercial wing.  

IMG_3926-copy-(1).jpgThe wonderful world of Bath Theatrical Masketeers.

Using the services of seamstresses who became redundant during the pandemic, we are happy to introduce Corporate Cover.  Masks for the companies who do not wish to, for whatever reason, to order masks by the hundreds from overseas.  For those who are environmentally aware and do not want to exacerbate the growing and worsening situation of polluting our world. For those who may have thought of but could not financially commit to using the mask as a branding and marketing opportunity.  For those who appreciate the importance of being able to ‘keep Britain working’. 

The mask is printed before it is hand made.  The image on the mask has very few limitations.  It could be your logo on your corporate colour background, it could be an image of your iconic facility.  For those with face to face contact (or rather, mask to mask contact) with the public, they could be personalised with the individuals name.  The options are endless.
 …. But more importantly, at this time;
  • they safeguard your team and your customers
  • are cost effective
  • are environmentally friendly
  • are fundamental in keeping Britain working
  • and, finally … offer an assortment of marketing opportunities for you
For a nominal set up cost, your design can be created and stored for future use.  We can take small orders to help test for demand.   If you have a gift shop, you could have 2 designs, order 10 of each and see how they sell.  You will not be left with dead stock or a great big hole in your bank account.  They could be used as a promotional gift for your top clients.  A cost- effective way of letting them know how you care about their wellbeing during these challenging times.   

afc755bc-9faa-4893-af71-565f6b34457e-copy-(1).jpgA company with 10 staff will need approximately 50 disposable masks a day.  Although a pack of 500 does not at first appear that expensive, the prospect of wearing masks for the foreseeable future magnifies this cost significantly. You could have a re-usable, personalised, branded, comfortable, safe mask for the cost of less than 2 months’ worth of disposable ones.  As uniform they are tax deductible and at present are VAT exempt as well.  Does that not make business sense

Along-side the Corporate Cover masks, we have also introduced an exclusive range of liberty print masks, the Sulis range, the ultimate and essential fashion accessory.   With this, FirstLine, a range of assorted prints offering the first line of defence against the virus. 

The masks are not medical spec but all have a pouch for a filter, (adding an extra layer of safety), a nose pin channel (to help stop your glasses from streaming up!) and an toggled cord (for adapting the elastic for a close and comfortable fit).  The masks are made with round the head elastic as feedback has indicated this is more comfortable than round the ear.  However, this can be changed if you wish.

What not right away to order your masks today.  Or contact us on to discuss your specific needs and we’d be happy to assist with any marketing ideas for you.

Once business resumes, we have more great ideas to help your venue attract more clients!  .. Watch this space!
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