Visit Somerset VESP Testimonials

17 Dec 2021

Visit Somerset VESP Testimonials
Somerset VESP: Strand 2 Verbatim Business Feedback
Recruit # Business Name Feedback
9 Outposts Ltd
“I did enjoy our conversation yesterday and was impressed with your grasp of what we are and how we try to do things. Your report looks on the nail, I shall discuss with our staff and revert.”
16 Middle Stone Farm “I found our chat very helpful.” “Thank you for your time and your helpful action plan”
64 Rook Lane House B&B “That’s the best explanation I’ve heard yet for having a blog”
Best Western Plus Swan Hotel
“Thank you for the opportunity to join this scheme, I found the process very useful and has helped me generate my business recovery model and roadmap out of lockdown.”
13 Allerford Museum “I have read the plan and very much like what you have produced so far.”
"We were very pleased with the final Business Action Plan that your Expert Advisor produced and it will be a great help to us
when writing our Business plan for the Museum. Also I am finding the Webinars helpful and at an hour long just perfect thank you."
42 The Hayloft “It was very useful to have someone who really knows the industry and I picked up a lot of useful advice. I have edited the website and simplified the wedding packages – it feels like there is a lot more structure to it now. I’m planning to work on the items we discussed in the action plan this week to keep momentum going!”
95 West Huckham Barn - Exton “We are more than pleased with the support already given (and some more technical support soon to follow).   We would encourage others to make the same enquiries that we did.  Especially right now - some sane serious discussion about the future plans for our place has been very encouraging.”
60 Pallker Art Glass “Your advice is exactly what I wanted, thank you. This has come at the perfect time, and I’m raring to go!”
101 Holly Tree Barn “That’s excellent. I feel energised again.”
68 Bath Theatrical Costume Hire “Thank you so much for this Action Plan.  I have had a quick read through and I already see some points and ideas are new and thought stimulating. You also seem to have grasped the business and my plans very well.  Will have a proper in depth look in the coming week and implement things into my action plans.”
98 Porlock Holidays “I took notes at our call and have been firing on more cylinders than I think I possess to start dealing with some of the points you raised.”
“I really found the interaction with the Expert Advisor very efficient and energizing. I liked the way in which we identified beforehand the areas where I needed support, so that our telephone session went straight to these points. Everything I have enacted so far has been beneficial and actually enjoyable. I will certainly take up some of the further training opportunities and I am grateful for the advice and support I have received so far.”
23 Printing at the Vicarage “I found the exercise very helpful. It made me stop and think about the way forward and make some strategic decisions. The Expert Advisor was lovely to deal with. Came up with some good ideas and was a good listener which meant she thought about her responses/answers. 
100 Porlock Bay Oysters “Thank you so much for our conversation and for all other links and information. Everything you said I found very interesting and useful. I will certainly make use of it.”
99 & 102 Exmoor White Horse Inn & Exford Hostel I was really impressed with your input into where we are and where we would like to be. The session was totally on point and we have taken some really useful ideas away as a result. We really enjoyed your delivery and your ability to take on board our unique issues and work with them and provide useful feedback. I will investigate the links you have included and we will action points raised later this week- But the main point of this email is to say Thank You !
132 West Somerset Railway “Thank you the action plan looks perfect. I really felt our session the other week was beneficial and I cannot thank you enough for giving me your time and support. “
35 Ferne Animal Sanctuary “It’s been really useful to have a different pair of eyes and ears on our world. Thank you, you’re a star!”
123 Deborah Johnson Photography Your email has cheered me up, I was just beginning to wonder how I was going to wrestle some control back and find a bit more consistency…Planning and digital skills it is then!!”
146 Over the Wall Productions CIC Richard: “Many thanks, your advice was extremely positive and helpful”.
Pauline: “Many thanks for your time and your useful advice, I know we both appreciated it.”
152 Clayhill Arts “Thank you very much this is excellent! You were so helpful during our meeting yesterday and there is lots to be getting stuck into with all of this - I'm feeling pumped! “
132 West Somerset Railway “Thank you for looking into this so quickly, I really do appreciate it.”
136 Cosy Barn Holidays “Thank you I'm very happy with the action plan. I have decided to get a new website built and professionally taken photos added.”
14 Webbington Farm & Holiday Cottages
“I am booked on one of the group sessions and I’m keen to join others. I’ve sent your suggested website modifications to our web designer. Bookings are going well!”
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