Visit Somerset Driving the Digital Innovation to Help Businesses Grow Online

27 Jun 2020

Visit Somerset Driving the Digital Innovation to Help Businesses Grow Online
It’s long been a challenge for tourist boards to promote businesses live availability for consumers to book directly.  Promoting live availability and enabling consumers to search through local experiences reduces the friction of searching across lots of websites and the inevitable sales leakage, but with such a fragmented booking system landscape, it’s been challenging to get all live availability in one place. Now, a solution has arisen that can give businesses the opportunity to share live availability to Visit Somerset which will help increase businesses visibility and drive bookings.

In a time where pre-booking is more important than ever before at the backdrop of Coronavirus, Visit Somerset has partnered with Beyonk, the simple booking system, to power instant booking of experiences, activities, attractions and events. Beyonk has built a highly flexible solution for all businesses to get involved regardless of the booking system being used, to help bolster visibility, get closer to consumers searching for things to do and aim to recover from the Coronavirus. Within just 5 minutes, experiences can be uploaded to the platform and shared across the network, which will include local hotels and BnBs and the tourist board, aimed at getting local businesses promoting each other.

The CEO of Beyonk, Oscar White said, “It’s great to be partnering with Visit Somerset, as one of the leading rural tourist hotspot destinations, modernising the website with direct booking will help visitors and businesses a like. With Visit Somerset’s significant website traffic, there’s a large opportunity to help businesses online, whilst drastically improving the website user experience."

CEO of Visit Somerset John Turner has said; "We are seeing massive changes in consumer behaviour with the end of 20th century business engagement and completely integrated platforms driven by BIG DATA, AI and  algorithms shaping the future of our businesses. If Visit Somerset and its members are to survive, we need to be engaging with customers easily, giving them autonomy to make decisions and purchase all from one digital space creating the beginnings of a three dimensional organic platform, truly satisfying the purchasing behaviours of our 750,000 consumers who visit the site annually. This development and other announcements this week marks the beginning of a new and planned shift change in Visit Somerset's digital future, we are really very excited about the possibilities."

For more information, Visit Somerset will be hosting a series of workshops on how accommodation platforms can get white-label widgets to promote local experiences, and how local experience providers can get involved to be directly bookable through the Visit Somerset website. As part of this offering, Visit Somerset members have the opportunity to use a no-fee booking system for the remainder of the year to support with the Coronavirus recovery. (T&Cs apply)  See here for more details and book your place. 
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