The latest phase of automation see's a new membership strategy

22 Jun 2021

The latest phase of automation see's a new membership strategy
We are delighted to be able to announce that membership is now automated - so no longer will you need to talk to a salesperson, saving in commissions and salaries. The money saved can go back to the front line at Visit Somerset, with further digital investments in support of greater Digital Optimsation. 

We are going from a sales-orientated organisation to a membership centric organisation, focusing on delivery of the marketing communications, letting the bots deal with your membership.

You are now going to be able to pay by Stripe or Go Cardless paying by your credit or debit card - with automatic invoicing and email communications letting you know when your membership renewal is due.

The launch of the new membership strategy started on  Monday 26th July. We are expecting snagging issues so please if we can ask for your patience, whilst we transition to another new normal, we'd be very grateful.

There is a second phase to this strategy of membership autonomation which we will hope to have ready for the end of September, however this is currently subject to final developments.  

In the meantime if you have any questions, please let us know by contacting us 

Here is what you will see when you log in for the first time. 

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