The EDF/HPC staff website

06 Dec 2020

The EDF/HPC staff website
HPC.jpgMembership Opportunity - linked to EDF/ HPC Nuclear power station build on the West coast Somerset.  

Please don't forget that members can take advantage of marketing your businesses through promotions and offers, on the EDF/HPC web platform that operates under the Visit Somerset platform. 

There will be 25,000 workers working and living on and near the site of the next 7 years 
So members could potentially market to 120,000 workers and friends and family. The largest engineering project of its type since the Second World war in Europe.

If you would like more details or to add your offer or promotion please contact 

The site is called HPC Somerset - work, rest, play and can be viewed here: but that is for your eyes only. It should only be visible to edf workers with a link from their intranet home page.
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