SEE MONSTER - Promotional opportunities for local businesses

14 Apr 2022

SEE MONSTER - Promotional opportunities for local businesses
NEWSUBSTANCE have created a revised Partnership offer. This will now enable a wider range of businesses to participate, show their support for SEE MONSTER whilst providing an opportunity to raise the profile of their business without the requirement to offer a specific discount. NEWSUBSTANCE are looking to select and showcase a good range of high quality offers from retailers and visitor economy businesses that will appeal to staff, crew and visitors. 
This particular initiative will be most suited to businesses either in or in close proximity to Weston. There will be further and wider opportunities to link/promote your business and events on the SEE MONSTER pages being developed by Visit West, Visit Somerset and Visit Weston.
Please visit the for more details and to upload your information to the E-form to indicate your preferred level of involvement. Deadline for submissions is 22 April to allow NEWSUBSTANCE time to review the entries and select those that will be added to the See Monster website
There will hopefully be a business engagement event on 3 May at in the Games room at The Stable to share more information on Weston Placemaking, and See Monster so we will use your contact info to keep you informed, once arrangements are finalised.
You can also sign up for SEE MONSTER updates from NEWSUBSTANCE HERE
We have asked our key partners to help us circulate this information so that it reaches as many businesses as possible, so we do apologise in advance if you receive this information from a number of sources.
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