Recruitment Solutions / Opportunities for Hospitality employers

05 Jul 2021

Recruitment Solutions / Opportunities for Hospitality employers
Screenshot-2021-07-05-at-11-33-53.png‘Weston College are running a webinar for hospitality employers promoting apprenticeships to tackle their recruitment issues giving an insight to the benefits of apprenticeships and providing a deeper insight to what an apprenticeship looks like.  The webinar will also be an introduction to the concept of SWAPS Sector Based Work Academies Employer Guide  as a means of recruitment SWAPs are not a mainstream means of recruitment, and not everyone knows about them. It is therefore a good time to introduce another potential opportunity to support employers. 
The webinar is booked for 19th July at 15:00.  This live webinar will be recorded and converted into a YouTube link that can be shared within networks to allow those who could not attend access to the content’.

To book on link here  We look forward to seeing you on the day. 
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