Covid 19 emergency - request for help in response to shortage of PPE equipment

29 Mar 2020

Covid 19 emergency - request for help in response to shortage of PPE equipment


28 March 2020



The World Health Organisation has identified that the current global stockpile of PPE is insufficient, particularly for medical masks and respirators; the supply of gloves, gowns and goggles is soon expected to be insufficient also.

The NHS supply chain has been providing PPE and is increasing its capacity. But as you may have seen or read, demand is currently outstripping supply.

At the same time piles of commercial PPE stocks lay idle within organisations or businesses that are currently temporarily closed due to the outbreak.

This is equipment that NHS and care organisations in Somerset could be using to bolster the national supplies.

As a short-term measure we are therefore asking local business and organisations in Somerset to help with the supply of:

  •   Disposable plastic aprons

  •   Disposable examination gloves (all sizes) latex or nitrile if possible

  •   Face masks (like surgical masks or FFP3 respiratory masks)

  •   Eye protection / goggles

  •   Face visors

  •   Alcohol-based hand sanitisers

  •   Liquid soap

  •   Medical style disinfectant wipes

  •   Paper hand towels


We of course appreciate donations but will be putting in place arrangements for reasonable reimbursement as required.

If you are not sure your equipment is of the right grade, please get in touch and we can provide advice.

If you have any of the above products and are willing to share them with NHS and care organisations across Somerset please email:

Yours sincerely

Sandra Corry
Director of Quality and Nursing
NHS Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group

Pat Flaherty
Chief Executive Somerset County Council


Chair: Dr Ed Ford | Chief Executive: James Rimmer

Working Together to Improve Health and Wellbeing


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