Hinkley Point Staff Leisure opportunity

23 Jan 2020

Hinkley Point Staff Leisure opportunity
Dear Member
Are you making the most of this unique business opportunity? EDF Energy has around 4,600 people working on its construction site at Hinkley Point C. Many of them will be looking for things to do when they are not working. They might be locals who do not know the area around the site as well as they think.  They might be people who live outside the area and do not know it at all but are staying locally while they work at HPC. They might have family and friends who they want to entertain while Somerset is their temporary home.
We have a great platform, only accessible to Hinkley workers, to promote a range of attractions, venues, events, activities and services. The website has a similar feel to the  Visit Somerset pages but it also includes a specific area for Discounts and Offers. We are looking for local businesses who would like to promote special offers for the HPC workforce. 
For example, can you offer 10% off an admission price, free admission for the fourth member of a party, a free coffee or a complimentary bottle of wine or free membership of a gym for the first month? We are sure you can come up with some equally good suggestions.
Advertising an offer via the website is free of charge. All you need to do is supply a photo, some text about your business and offer and a way of the Hinkley workers showing that they have seen your offer on the site we host, such as quoting a code or word only they can have seen online.
Please send your offers to who is helping to collate the offers and post them on our pages.
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