Festivals and Events interactive membership opportunity

14 Apr 2022

Festivals and Events interactive membership opportunity
You can now be part of those weekly meetings and help us to plan our weeks and months.

We are giving you access to our annual Google Calendar which maps out all the major festivals and events throughout the year. You can personally update this yourself and give us heads up so that we can plan more effectively.


If you would like access to our Google Account to update our platform in real time - then please can you furnish us with a G Mail Email address, we can then automatically connect you and you can start updating the live calender.

Your festivals and events will then make up part of our weekly social, newsletter and marketing planning! 

Please send your emails to either maisy.hatcher@visitsomerset.co.uk or libby.james@visitsomerset.co.uk 

Many thanks

Visit Somerset Team.      
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